The Zheng Tong DaoZang Translation


Foreword to the Translation of the DaoZang

Daoism is an ancient and sophisticated cosmologic system with over 400 million followers. The DaoZang constitutes the official canonical texts of Daosim, yet its contents have for centuries remained largely unavailable. Years ago, I dedicated myself to translation of the DaoZang. At the time, no one else seemed to be doing anything but recycle the same couple of works, especially the Tao Teh King, as it was first titled.

The original DaoZang comprises approximately 1274 volumes. The volumes presented here appear to be from an exact reproduction of the copy of the BaiYun set by Commercial Press in 1923, which was the only complete set in the world at the time. As indicated at the beginning of each volume, the particular reproduction in my hands was produced in 1952 [1961 by the Western calendar] and is seemingly unique, in as much as it was not noted in any bibliography that I consulted.

The translations are presented here are in as simple and straightforward of a manner as possible. Some names and terms have been adopted from the works other authors as a matter of convention, as these are in the mainstream and aptly cover their targeted Chinese characters. We thank them for their contributions and wish them to be passed on. However, though they are the convention, we are not completely bound by them.

Note that we are not academics but students of the DaoZang. If the translations can be improved in any way that increases their value, please bring it to our attention. These are 'first-level' translations and as such mistakes are inevitable. If you think something is incorrect, please tell us where and why.

This website and the translations it contains are independent of any controlling bodies and we are not bound to any religious or philosophical group. There are no peer groups to query for permission and no pressure to color any texts in any way. Therefore, we are able to translate these works as agnostically as possible.