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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 002a1

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 1-2   Scroll 56
woodblock print of Daozang Volume 131, Page 002a1

[Page 2]

Shn Shēng F-Zhōng Xin Y Dāng
The gods' production in the middle of the abdomen holds [within it something that makes] a beautiful jade-like jingling and tinkling.

Ni Shŏu B-Xiĕ Shn Shēng Xin Dāng F-Zhōng Ni Mng Kŏu Tŭ Zhū Y n Wŭ-Shn Xng-Sh Je Yn Liǎng-Mi-Jiān Zh R Shng Sān Cn Wi Y Dāng Zǐ Guān
Kept within so as to not be leaked out and divulged,
the gods that produce this hold it [firmly in the mouth].
But when is heard the jingling and tinkling in the middle of the abdomen,
clear and distinct, then immediately after this the mouth will disgorge the
Pearls and Jade.
The 'Five Gods Managed Behavior Secret Transmission' says:
that the space between the two eyebrows going straight inward and upwards three inches.
For where the beautiful jade-like jingling and tinkling [actually occurs is at] the Purple Barrier.

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