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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 003b2

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 3-4   Scroll 56
woodblock print of Daozang Volume 131, Page 003b2

Hung-Ti Yī Zhēn Jūn Jū Zhī Li Zhū Shng Yī Cn Wi Ti Hung-Gōng Yŏu Ti-Shng Zhēn Jūn Jū Zhī G-Yu Lng Mn-H Yĕ
the Sovereign,
the 'Great One' (of Kun Lun (the Upper Tian Dan)) Zhen Jun (the 'True Sovereign'
(title of the 'Red Child)),
inhabits the 'Drifting-Around Pearls' (the Eyeballs) of the Upper One Inch.
Because the Great Imperial Palace has the Highest Venerable True Sovereign (title of the 'Red Child'), who is the [supreme] resident of the place.
Therefore, this is called the 'Spirit-of-Marvellous-Power Gateway'.

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Sh X Ti-Shng Go Wŏ Zhĕ
Correct it is that in former times the 'Great-High' (Tai Shang) told us things.

Wŏ Zhĕ Fū Sāng D-Z Wi Yĕ Yn Wŏ Do Chng Chng X Do Jūn Shu
Yǐ Hung-Tīng Zhī Sh Yĕ Yn Cǐ-Do B Yuān Zhǐ Zi Dān-Tin G J Yn
Sh X Yĕ

We got these things from the country where the sun rises behind the fabulous
Fu Sang Tree that Great Emperor himself spoke [of] these things.
He said that our [knowledge of the] Dao is the result.
For that we are indebted to the One who, in former times brought about
the doctrine of the Dao.
It was the Supreme Ruler himself who taught its [proper] usage.
And the 'Yellow Court [Inner-Landscape Jade Classic Annotations]' with
its appropriate times and opportunities for its usage also.
It is said that the trained art of this was not taken away or stopped
but still depends upon the [actions of the] Cinnabar Fields.
Therefore, even at this present time it can be said to be as correct as it was
in former times.

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