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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 005b1

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 5   Scroll 56
woodblock print of Daozang Volume 131, Page 005b1

Fng Guāng Chng Mn Jīng-Q Tu Dn Shēng-Hu Wi Lǎo-Rn Shŏu Jīn
S Rng L Pī

giving off brilliant rays that pour through the Gate.
This is the Essential Motive Qi of Life (Jing Qi).
Dilapidation, decline, and fatigue [are reversed by this]
Initial Life-Transformation of that Aged Person,
with their head wrapped about with a white kerchief, along with a green woman's
short embroidered cape

Jing Qn Yu Di Li Lng Zuō Pi Hŭ-F Shŏu Bǎ Tiān-Gāng Huī Fēi Chn
and deep-red skirt.
On a sash-belt's right side there are strung bells
and on the left side at the waist, worn as a pendant is
the Tiger-Shaped Tally (issued to generals as imperial authorization for troop
movement) and holding in one hand the handle of the four stars that form the bowl of
the Big Dipper, bright and shining, as it swiftly flies amongst the celestial bodies.

Z Ni Hu-Gi Tŭ Mng Lin-Shēn Sān-Jǐng Bǎo-Shŏu Lng Wŏ D Zhēn
Yǎng Hn Zh P Shuāi Biāo Fēi-Xiān Q Sh Ni Xing Fǎ Yĕ

Walking along in step with the Canopy (the Heart Region) spitting out
rays of light to [help] refine and discipline the body and one's character.
[Observing] the 'Three Admirable Views' (the Sun, Moon, and Dipper)
along with the conservative decree to us all
that unless one provides True-Nurturing (Zhen Yang),
the Hun (the Superior Vital Spirit) is restricted, and the Po (the Inferior Soul) wanes.
Therefore, like a Whirlwind, the Flying Genii carries on his responsibility to serve
within the Form (Xiang), following the proper methods of the Laws (Fa).

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