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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 005b3

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 5-6   Scroll 56
woodblock print of Daozang Volume 131, Page 005b3

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Sān-Guān Zhāng-D Sh-Bā
The 'Three Barriers' (the Mouth, Hand, and Foot)
Chapter Number Eighteen

Sān-Guān Zhī Zhōng Jīng-Q Shēn
There are 'Three Barriers' (the Mouth, Hand, and Foot).
In the Center one
the basic motive Qi of Life resides, deep and intense.

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Wi Guān Yun Zhī Zhōng Nn-Zǐ Zng Jīng Zhī Suō Yĕ Yu J Xi Wn Kŏu-Shŏ -Z
It means that the Barrier known as 'Primal Center' is because
a man can store up his Essence (Jing) in this place.
To repeat, according to the [three] characters below,
the Mouth, Hands, and Feet

Wi Sān-Guān Yu Yun Yng Zǐ Yǐ Mng-Tng Dng-Fng Dān-Tin
stand for the 'Three Barriers'.
Furthermore, one is the base of Primary Yang,
the 'Young Son' of the Bright Hall (located one inch behind the frontal sinus),
the Bridal Chamber (a portion of the Brain),
and the 'Cinnabar Field'

Wi Sān-Guān Bng Jiē Kĕ-Yǐ Zhng Wn Qŭ Zhī r Cn Yĕ
The 'Three Barriers' (the Mouth, Hand, and Foot)
combine in complete cooperation with each other.
Likewise, they do so in the sense that they are receivers,
facilitating the places used for accumulation and storage.

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