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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 006a2

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 6   Scroll 56
Daozang woodblock print from Volume 131, Page 006a2

Kŏu Wi Tiān Guān Jīng-Shn Jī
The Mouth represents the 'Heaven Barrier'.
The animal spirits (Jing Shen) of the body remain hidden and reserved.

Yn Fā Y Qng Yu Shū-Jī Yĕ
This is understood to mean that in and out through this [like words spoken] flow the
feelings and passions, all of it operating just like a moving force or controlling spirit.

Shŏu Wi Rn-Guān Bǎ Shng Shuāi
The Hand represents the 'Man Barrier';
used to grasp and hold off the vicissitudes [of life].

ZngQn Yu Yǐ
Although it can be used to catch something, it is primarily just used
for causing a cease.

Z Wi D Guān Shēng-Mng Fēi
The Foot represents the 'Earth Barrier'.
Life is like a folding-door leaf.

YnYn Yng Yǐ Shēn r Shēng Yĕ
This says it can be applied to Stop Life (Yi Shen),
but also to Produce Life (Sheng) as well.

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