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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 011b1

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 11   Scroll 56
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 131, Page 011b1

N-Wn Fū-Rn Dāng-Zhōng L
The 'Mud Ball' Madam,
stands ready within its Center.

Jīng Yn Dng-Fng Zhōng-Yŏu F-Mŭ Mŭ Z Fū-Rn Y-Mng Do Mŭ N-Wn Dng-Fng Shng Yǐ Jiĕ-Sh
The Classic says: the Bridal Chamber (a portion of the Brain) has within
its center a Father and Mother.
This Mother [as she is a wife] is therefore called 'Lady' or 'Madam'.
[She is] also known by another name: the 'Dao Mother of the Mud Ball',
located in the Bridal Chamber (a portion of the Brain).
Which is in the upper area, as has already been explained.

Zhǎng-Gŭ Xun-Xiāng Rǎo Jiāo-Y
There is the 'Long Valley', the 'Dark Village', and the 'Winding-Around-Suburbs
of the Walled City'.

Zhǎng-Gŭ B Yĕ Xun-Xiāng Shn Yĕ Jiāo-Y Wi Wŭ-Zng Lu-Fŭ Yĕ
The 'Long Valley' is the Nose,
the 'Dark Village' is the Kidneys,
and the Winding around of the 'Suburbs of the Walled City' are the Five Viscera
which are the Six Official Residences (of the gods in the body).

Yn B-Zhōng Q Chū-R Xi Wi Shn Yn Zhōu Rǎo Zng Fŭ Jū
Ch-Chng Cn Xiǎng Ni Xi Wi Jiāo G Wi Xing Y Yĕ

What is being said is first the area around the Nasal Septum is where
the Qi comes in and goes out. It moves down to the Kidneys. Carried in a
circular pattern, [the Qi] winds round the Storage Area (Zang),
the official residence which is the dwelling-place of

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the 'Red-Walled City Boy' who exists by choice within it.
Badness and perversity reside outside the suburbs.
Therefore, because this is how it looks, the analogy is made.

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