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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 012b2

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 12   Scroll 56
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 131, Page 012b2

Ru Dāng Je Hǎi Bǎi D Yǐn
Much like how the overflow of a large lake surely discharges its streams through
a hundred drainages, the water produced beomes available for all to drink.

Wi Fng Zhōng Yn Xiĕ B Zhī B Zhǐ
This means that when the House at the Center is Involved in Excess,
this will surely leak out.
Having no knowledge, so not then even being aware of the problem,
how can one be expected to close off and stop the outflow?

Y Q Sh Kū Shī Qīng-Qīng
When the leaves are removed the plant withers.
It has lost its verdancy.

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Xing Rn Sǐ W Shēng-Q
The form of a person who is dead has no animation, because it is without vitality.

Q Zhī Y Lu Fēi Yǐ Xng
The properties of Qi are the same as those of Water.
But it is wrong to just let it be uncontrolled in shaping the body.

Xiān-Jīng Yn B Fng Lin Y B Yuān Tu B-Duō Yn Sh Yĕ
The 'Fairy Classics' (Xian Jing) state that to 'Close Up the House and Refine the Liquid' (Bi Fang Lian Ye)
one should 'Not Then Spit Away the Saliva' (Bu Yuan Tuo).
Other than that, there is not much said about what is the correct way to proceed.

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