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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 020b2

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 20-21   Scroll 56
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 131, Page 020b2

R Shān H Nn G Chu Ch
[Just] to gain admittance to the Mountain, why so much difficulty?
Therefore some are hesitent to do so.

Qng-Zh B Je
Emotion, is it not, is that which decides the difference?

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Rn-Jiān Fēn-Fēn Chu R R
In this world, one after another,
odors [permeating], sniffed as if it were a large [perfumed] napkin.

J Hi Rn-Jiān B-Z Lin R Zh Chu Yĕ
Suffering and filth is what is in this world.
It is not worth feeling attached to.
Like a large napkin saturated with its smell.

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Wŭ-Xng Zhāng-D r-Sh-Wŭ
The Five (Elemental) Activities
Chapter Number Twenty-Five

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