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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 022b2

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 22-23   Scroll 56
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 131, Page 022b2

Dng-Fng Lng Xing Dŏu-R-Yu
The Bridal Chamber has spirits and motive energy resembling the
Dipper, Sun and Moon.

Cn Sān-Yun Y Dng-Fng Dng-Fng Mng-Tng Yǐ Sh Y Shng
The accumulation of the 'Three Origins' (Heaven Origin, Earth Origin, and
Man Origin) is in the Bridal Chamber (Dong Fang).
There is the Bridal Chamber (a portion of the Brain) and the Bright Hall
(located one inch behind the frontal sinus).
These phrases explain clearly what is contained in the Upper.

F Yu N-Wn Mŭ Xong-Yī
'Pappa' is the name.
He is called 'Pappa' of the Mud Ball (the Brain).
[This implies that] there are Male and Female, Mother and Father.

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Mng-Tng Zhōng-Yŏu Jūn-Chn Dng-Fng Zhōng-Yŏu Fū-Fū Dān-Tin Zhōng-Yŏu F-Mŭ N-Wn Nǎo Shn Mng Lǎo-Zǐ-Jīng Yn Zhī Q Xong
Shŏu Q C C W-Wi Yī Yĕ

The Bright Hall (located one inch behind the frontal sinus) has within it the
Monarch and his subjects.
The Bridal Chamber has within it the Husband and Wife.
The Lower Sea (the Qi Field below the navel) has within it
the Father and Mother (the Parents).
The 'Mud Ball' is the Brain (proper), and the names are those given its gods.
Lao Zi's Classic (the Dao De Jing) says:
'Knowing the Female, the Male defends (keeps close watch over) the Female',
and 'The Female does Nothing and Remains Passive'.
These all refer to the same thing.

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