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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 025a1

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 25   Scroll 57
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 131, Page 025a1

[New Chapter]

Xun-Yun Zhāng-D r-Sh-Qī
Chapter Number Twenty-Seven

Xun-Yun Shng Yī Hn-P Lin
'Mysterious-Origin' (Xuan Yuan), found above, is the same place where all of
the Hun and Po (Superior and Inferior souls) of the body are smelted and refined.

Bǎo Yī Yǐ Lin Shn Shn Lin Yǐ H-Yī
The 'Precious Concentration' (Bao Yi) comes from the smelting of the gods.
The result is the divine gods are smelted as if by fire, so that they become united into one.

Yī Zhī Wi W Pō Z Jin
Through 'One' (Yi),
because Matter and All Other Things Outside of Oneself (Wu) are inclined to
eventually have an End (Zu) that they Meet With (Jian).

Yī Zhĕ W Chēng Yĕ Xīn Tin-Dn Yǐ D Zhī r B-Kĕ Jin Xū D Zh-Zhēn
Nǎi G-Pn Shŏu Zhēn Zh Mǎn Yī Z-Guī Yǐ

'One' (Yi) is the following: [first of all,] it not a name or title.
With Heart and Mind (Xin) indifferent to fame and gain, this is the result one obtains.
Also, it is totally obvious [that one has] to See (Jian) what is necessary to get
'Extreme Truth' (Zhi Zhen).
Therefore, to look around and keenly Keep Watch (Shou) is the true sign that the
tendency of the whole 'One' to terminate and return to its natural source will cease.

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