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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 025b1

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 2   Scroll 57
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 131, Page 025b1

Yī Zhĕ W Chēng Yĕ Xīn Tin-Dn Yǐ D Zhī r B-Kĕ Jin Xū
D Zh-Zhēn Nǎi G-Pn

To get 'Extreme Truth' (Zhi Zhen) one has to look around.

Shŏu Zhēn Zh Mǎn Yī Z-Guī Yī
To keenly Keep Watch (Shou) is the true sign that the tendency of the
whole 'One' to terminate and return to its natural source will cease.

Zh J Sǐ Q Zhū Hi-Jin
To avoid Death, the Qi has to act upon that which is dirty and base.

Fn Fēi Dān Lin Yo F-Q Tūn Xi Dĕng Sh Jiē J Jin Huō Shī Y
Hi Zhī

The ordinary world altogether disappears when one makes use the Refined Cinnabar Medicine (Dao Lian Yao).
To willingly submit and swallow down the 'Red-tinged Clouds'.
There are a series of things, each and every to abstain from which will appear to
you as groups of corpses, decomposing and abominable, the products of dirty Qi.

Cǐ Wi Shēng Chŭ Zhī Gng Hun Yĕ Rn-Z Do Chōng Xū Bĕn W Jng Hi
Jiā Hui Zhēn-Zhng Z Jng Hi Yŏu Shū Shū r

What this means is that Life dwells totally in the midst of Trouble and Suffering (Huan). This being the case, the Dao, as its Hub Area (Chong) is Void-Emptiness (Xu)
originally does not to have anything that is either clean or dirty.
But, as a Person, one [wants to] seize what is Real and Genuine (Zhen Zheng).
Therefore, 'Clean and Dirty' (Jing Hui) have outstanding differences.
These 'Outstanding Differences' (Shu Er)

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