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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 031b2

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 8-9   Scroll 57
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 131, Page 031b2

Jīng-L Zhāng-D Sān-Sh-r
To Pass Through and Experience the Time.
Chapter Number Thirty-Two

Jīng L Lu H Yǐn Mǎo Yŏu
To pass through the time of the 'Six Harmonies' (the Universe),
one remains concealed from view and dormant from the
Fourth Earthly Branch (5-7 a.m.) to the Tenth Earthly Branch (5-7 p.m.).

Jŭ Xīn Zhī Yng Shĕ Yīn Yng Zhī Suō Yu Yĕ Zhu Wi Jīng L Y Wi Yǐn Zng Lu H Tiān D Shng Xi S Fāng Mǎo Yŏu Yǐ Bǐ Wi M Yōu Yǐn Shŭ Zhī Yĕ
It is the an action of the entire Mind to either employ or flee Yin and Yang
as a source.
During the day as it passes through, it [gathers] experience.
In the night it becomes concealed.
The 'Six Harmonies' (Liu He (the Universe)), Heaven and Earth (Tian Di),
Up and Down (Shang Xia), and all Four Directions (Si Fang).
These are [active] from the Fourth Earthly Branch (5-7 a.m.) to the
Tenth Earthly Branch (5-7 p.m.) and so can be used comparatively,

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because by the evening they go into seclusion,
and become subordinate to the others.

Liǎng Shn Zhī Shn Zhŭ Yn Shu
The two Kidneys are like Ancestral Tablets (Shen Zhu) that protract one's age.

Shn Shn Xun Mng Y Yīng Suō Shŭ Bǐ Fāng Zhŭ M Y Rn Nng
Jīng Xīn Z Zhŭ Zhǎng Shu H Shng Gōng Yu Shn Zng Jīng Yĕ

The God of the Kidneys (Shen Shen),
residing as he does in the Dark Profundity (Xuan Ming), gives birth to the Infant.
Subordinate to this, by analogy, is the Ruler of the Night.
Though a man's has the capability to gather Essence (Jing) in the Heart (Xin),
the Duke of the Upper Yellow River states: 'It is the Kidneys that Stores
the Essence'.

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