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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 039a1

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 16 Scroll 57

Tōng Lǐ Xu Mi Wŭ Zng Fēng
In general, regulation of the blood condition in the Veins and Arteries,
and the Five Viscera (Wu Zang) is fine.

Shn Tin Xīn Qīng
When the gods are calm and peaceful,
the Heart is clear and settled.

G Qīng Jīn Ch Suǐ R Shuāng
The Bones are Cerulean, the Muscles are Red,
and the Marrow is White like Hoar-frost.

Bǎi Hi Jiŭ Qio X Jiē Zhēn Zhng
The Hundred Bones (every bone in the body)
and the Nine Orifices (Jiu Qiao (the Eyes, Nares, Ears, Mouth, Urethra
(or Vagina), and Anus)) all cooperate with each other in a real manner.

P Ju Qī Qio Q B Xing
The Spleen helps the Seven Aperatures (Qi Qiao) in the human head
distance themselves from things of Evil Omen (Bu Xiang).

P Tōng Wi Q Yǐ Yīng Wi Qio Y Xi
P P M Sh Xiāo Ĕr Cōng M Mng

The Spleen is connected to the Stomanch Qi,
and also corrects external problems affecting the Aperatures (Qiao),
to withstand Perversity (Xie), and ward off Evil (E).
The Spleen besides helping grind the food,
and also dispels hearing problems in the Ears so they are keen,
and making the Eyes become bright and clear-visioned.

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