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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 045b1

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 22 Scroll 57

Ling Qiū Zǐ Zh Jiĕ
'Liang-Qiu-zi's Annotations'

Lǎo Zǐ Xin Jū Zu Qī Yn
Lao Zi (the writer of the Dao De Jing),
waiting to go through the Barrier [guarding the border] was forced
to reside there a while until he had written out the 'Seven Words' (Qi Yan).

Lǎo Zǐ Zhĕ Xiān Tiān D r Shēng Hu
Tiān D r Cn Yŏu Sān Sh Lu Jio

Lao Zi said that there is a Prenatal State (Zhe Tian -'Before Heaven'),
and after one is born, a Post-Natal State (Hou Tian- 'After Heaven'),
Also, to be able to accumulate and deal with these,
there are given thirty-six precepts,

Qī Sh r Mng J Bāo Lǐ Mŭ Bā Sh r Nin r Shēng G Zu
Hung Tīng Yǐ Y Hu Sh Yn Zhōu Fǎn F Do B Z Rn D

and seventy-two descriptions concerning the Placenta (Bao),
and the 'Plum Tree Mother's' (Li Mu) eighty-two years of productive life.
Nonetheless, he went to the trouble to write the 'Yellow Court'
in order to bequeath this as a gift to later generations about the use of the Circuit (Zhou).
Repeating time and again the Way (Dao) and how to finish this up in a natural manner.
To gain it properly

Q Rn Gu r Shu Zhī B D Q Rn Wn Sh W Yŭ Yĕ
a person would get to kneel and receive it.
[But it was] not allowed for these persons for generation after generation
ever to speak about these things.

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