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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 047b1

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 2 Scroll 58

Dān Tin Zhī Zhōng Jīng Q Wēi
The Cinnabar Field (Dan Tian) of the Center contains the Refined Energy,
the Basic Motive Qi of Life (Jing Qi), this being Abtruse (Wei) by nature.

Q Xi Sān Cn Sh Yĕ Fāng Yun Y Sān Cn Q
Q Wēi Mio Cn Zhī Z Zi Wng Zhī Z W Yu Y Shī G Yu Wēi

Underneath the Navel about three inches is where it is found.
It has a circumference of three inches, and the Qi there is Delicate and Subtle (Mei).
This also is where it will accumulate.
However, this generally tends to be overlooked and neglected.
But, without [practiced] repetition Change (Yi) will fail.
This is the reason it is called 'Abtruse' (Wei).

Y Ch Qīng Shi Shng Shēng Fi
The Jade Pool with its clean waters flowing upward,
produces Life and Fertility.

Y Ch Kŏu Yĕ Qīng Shi Kŏu Zhōng Jīn Y
Yĕ Shng Shēng Fi Zhĕ Jīn Y Hi J Sh Shng G Yu Fi Yĕ

The Jade Pool (Yu Chi) is inside the Mouth.
The Clean Water (Qing Shui) found in the Mouth is the Saliva Juices.
Filling up with Life, Fertile.

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These are the Fluids of the Body.
All meet together in union at the Tongue, and then brim out [from it].
Therefore this is called 'Fertile' (Fei).

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