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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 050a2

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 5 Scroll 58

Yǎng Zǐ Y Sh Lng Kĕ Zhung
By fostering the Son, the Jade Tree of yourself
can be caused to be fit and strong.

Chng Dāng Shŏu Xi Yun Jīng Q R Y Jiān B
Jīng Shŏu Shn Lng Kĕ Zhī Zhung Yĕ

By constantly keeping watch over down below,
[over] the Primary Essence (Yuan Jing) and Essential Motive Qi of Life (Jing Qi).
In compliance with your firmly shutting in the Essence
to be watched over by the gods,
it will keep the branches healthy and strong.

Zh Do B Fn W Png Wŭ
Travelling the Path (Dao) unvexed or tired,
without veering to either side [even by] Midday.

W Zh Gun Lun Ān Xīn Dng Y Zhng Xng Xing Wŭ Yĕ
Jiē Zǐ Xing Wŭ Yāo Di Mǎo Yŏu

With Nothing Extreme (Wu Zhi), or being used to Disorder and Chaos (Luan),
but being instead At Ease (An Xin) and Calmly Stable (Ding).
The meaning is that which is [most] Positive (Zheng), is carried out along with
the Seventh Earthly Branch (11am-1pm).
All of this runs to the First Earthly Branch (11pm-1am).
[Wear the charm on the] waistband (Yao Dai) starting from
the Fourth Earthly Branch (5-7 a.m.) to the Tenth Earthly Branch (5-7 p.m.).

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