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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 052a2

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 7 Scroll 58

Q Jun Yn Chng Zhuān Shŏu Jīng
To live a life of abandonent and sexual excess leads to punishment.
Therefore one must keenly keep watch over and defend the Essence (Jing).

Zhǎng Shēng Yo Shŏu Jīng Wi Shng
If Longevity is what is wished for, then it is important to
defend the Essence (Sperm) so that it may rise upwards.

Cn Tin Chǐ Zhi Kĕ Lǐ Shēng
The One Inch Field (Cu Tian) and the One Cubit House (Chi Zhai)
are suitable for managing Life.

M Wi Cn Tin Min Wi Chǐ Zhi Lǐ Shēng Yǎng Guān
Shng B Yī Shn Yĕ

The Eyes are where can be found the One Inch Field,
and the Face likewise the 'One Cubit House'.
The Management of life relies on observing the upper part of the body,
wherein [resides] the Single God (Yi Shen).

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