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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 053a1

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 8 Scroll 58

Y Shǐ Lu Dīng Shn Nŭ Y
Working away like servants, the Six Gods (Ling Ding) of Darkness
and the Goddess (Shen Nu), all pay their respects.

D Sī Hung Tīng Zhōng Zhēn Rn Z Lu Dīng Y Nŭ Z Li Z Wi Kĕ
The Emperor, positioned in great thought in the Yellow Court (the Eyes) Center,
is a Perfected One.
Therefore, the Six Gods of Darkness (Liu Ding),
and the 'Beautiful Girl' ((Yu Nu) the Jade Fairy)
from the very beginning supply a self-defence.

B Zǐ Jīng L Kĕ Zhǎng Hu
Lock up the Young Son (Zi) to refine the Essence (Jing) needed for
travelling the Road (Lu) also makes it possible to have a long life.

Je Xi Q S Guān B Jīng L Kĕ D Zhǎng Shēng
Exhaust what is Bad (Xie), abandon what is Vulgar and Common (Su).
Close off the Essence (Jing),
and so Journey the Road (Lu) that brings Longevity.

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