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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 054a1

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 8-9 Scroll 58

Lu Fŭ Xiū Zh Ji R S
The SixOfficial Residences [of the gods in the body],
through pruning and trimming
are purified so that they may stay Plain and Basic (Su).

Lu Fŭ Yĕ Dǎn Wi Yī Wi Wi r Png Guāng Wi Sān
D Chng Wi S

the Six Official Residences [of the gods in the body] (Liu Fu) are the following:
The Gall Bladder is the first.
The Stomach is the second.
The Bladder is the third.
The Large Intestine is the fourth.

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Xiǎo Chng Wi Wŭ Q Wi Lu Dū Fŭ Yĕ Fn Cǐ Lu Fŭ
Chng Xū Ji Jng

The Small Intestine is the fifth.
The Navel is the sixth.
And they function as capital governmental offices.
Altogether, these are the Six Official Residences (of the gods in the body),
so it is necessary that they be kept clean and spotless.

Xū W Z Rn Do Zhī G
Void-Nothingness is the Natural (Zi Ran) way
for the Dao to make things Happen (Gu).

Xū W Sh Yŏu r Q Z Rn Wŭ Xiān Rn L Do Yuān
W Zhī Q Zhēn

Void-Nothingness (Xu Wu)is perfect-topmost, for from it happen
the Dual Powers (Yin and Yang) which comprise Nature.
first of all, Man has strayed from the Path (Dao), distant, having thrust it
side in his ignorance of what is truly genuine.

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