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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 055b1

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 10 Scroll 58

Xiū Zhēn Sh Shū Jun Zhī Wŭ Sh Jiŭ
[The start of] A Compilation Rendered Faithfully in Regular Script.
Volume Ten,   Scroll Number Fifty-Nine.

Hung Tīng Wi Jǐng Y Jīng Zh
The 'Yellow-Court Outer-Landscape Jade Classic Annotations'

Ling Qiū Zǐ Zh Jiĕ
The 'Liang Qiu-zi Annotations'

Zu Do Yōu Yu Shēn D Jū
Rising Up and Getting Onto the Path (Zuo Dao) to wander at will
in a deep and intensive, solitary existence.

Zu Do Dāng R Jng Sh Zhōng Fǎn Tāi Lin Xng Hun
Y Jīng Shn Yĕ

'Rising Up and Getting Onto the Path' (Zuo Dao), is when it is suitable
to enter into the Pure Room at the Center.
Allowing for Reversal (Fan) by the Fetus,
causing a return of the gods,
the Animal Spirits of the body (Jing Shen).

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