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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 056a1

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 1 Scroll 59

[Page 56]

Yŭ Y Yǐ Chng Zhng F Hui
Like having Wings for Assistants (Yu Yi),
there is True Accomplishment (Cheng Zheng),
with help raised up through the Hand and Ankle.

Xe Do J Bi Shēn Tǐ Qīng Jŭ Huāng Huāng Hū Hū R Yŏu Mo
Yŭ Li J Jŭ Shēng G-Yu F Hui

To study and learn the Way (Dao) completely,
one needs to prepare the body without harshness,
so that it can be raised up to act as if suddenly in a trance,
possessing then feathers in a plume,
invited to now begin rising upwards like the climbing Sun.
Therefore this is called
'to help raising up with the Hand and Ankle' (Fu Huai).

Zhǎng Shēng Jiŭ Sh Nǎi Fēi Q
[This is] Longevity (Zhang Sheng).
Looked at for a long time,
only then does it fly away.

D Do B Sǐ D Sh Zhǎng Cn Nǎi Nng Bi R Hn Fēi R Ti
Qīng Yĕ

To aquire or obtain Eternal Life (Bu Shi) and Immortality (Du Shi),
one needs Fullness of Existence (Zhang Cun).
Then there is the energy and capability so that even in the broad daylight
the Hun (the Superior Vital Spirit) can fly swiftly into the Great Purity (Tai Qing).

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