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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 060b2

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 5 Scroll 59

Xun Jī Xun Zhū Hun W Duān
[Like an] Armillary-Sphere hanging suspended, the Pearls are linked in a ring,
circling about for what seems to be no particular reason.

Xun Jī Yn Zhun Q Mi Li Tōng W F Xiū Jng Yĕ B Kŏu Yǎng
Shn Sh Lin Lǐ Qun R Li Zhū

An Armillary-Sphere operates by revolving.
Qi in the Pulse circulates without return or rest throughout.
The Mouth is used to nourish the energy by gargling and rinsing,
with Refinement caused by the flowing waters of the Sweet Fountain.
In compliance with this, are the 'Drifting-Around Pearls' (the Eyeballs).

Xn Pǐn Jīn Yo Chng Wn Jiān Xn Pǐn Jīn
Yo Chng Wn Jiān

Fast is the Female,
golden is the Flute.
Constant use of them results in firmness and solidity.

Yīn Wi Pǐn Yng Wi Yo Liǎng B Xiāng Shāng D Zhōng H
Zhī Q  Hun Jīng Lin Xng G D Wn Jiān

Yin stands for the Female,
Yang stands for the Flute.
Between the two there is no mutual injury.
The result is neutralization of the Qi as it returns in
refinement repeatedly until is obtained perfect purity of the body.
Therefore, the ultimate result does finish up being solid and firm.

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