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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 061b1

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 1 Scroll 60

Xing Guī Yǐn Q Zh Lng Gēnn
With a form like that of a tortoise,
it draws in the Qi,
right to the Root of the Inner Powers (Ling Gen).

Yǐ B Yǐn Q Zh Y Sh Gēn Yn Sng F Zhōng Z Li Mng Yīng
Zhī Zhēn Q Shǐ Zhī Rn Yĕ

Use the Nose to draw the Qi to the Root of the Tongue,
from where it is delivered into the Center (of the Abdomen).
Then should happen a thunderous response.
This indicates a proper acquisition of the Acquired-After-Birth True Qi (Postnatal Qi),
[Thus] enabled to be used in the correct manner.

Zhōng Yŏu Zhēn Rn Jīn Jīn Jīn
Within the center is the Perfected One.
A Golden Kerchief (Jin Jin) is his head-scarf.

Ch Zǐ Zh Jing Yī Guān Jīn Jīn Yĕ
The 'Newborn Baby' is a deep red.
Its garments and head scarf are golden.

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