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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 064b2

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 4-5 Scroll 60

Jīn Y Li Qun Q B Xiāng
The fluids in the body (Tears, Thin-Saliva, Thick-Saliva, Lung-Fluid and Sweat)
flows from a Fountainhead,
and [just like incense] as it spreads outward,
to the Nose it is exceedingly fragrant.

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Yīn Yng Jiāo Jiē Lu Y Shī Jīng Yǐn Sh W Wi B Shī
Fēn Xiāng

Yin and Yang are are connected with the Leaking Liquid (Lou Ye)
of Nocturnal Emissions (Shi Jing).
Food and drink becomes tasteless,
and the Nose makes the mistake of smelling fragrant incense.

L Y Xun Yīng Hn Mng Tng
Found now hanging suspended in the bosom,
from where it was contained in the Bright Hall
(located one inch behind the frontal sinus).

Sh Xi Wi Xun Yīng Fi Wi Mng Tng Hn Q Yān Zhī Gun Y
Mng Tng Li Xng Shēn Zhōng Yĕ

[What this means is that] from the Tongue (She) these things are taken downward,
to where, hanging suspended in the breast, are the Lungs.
It [says this] because the Bright Hall (located one inch behind the frontal sinus),
[first of all] contains the Qi that is then swallowed and poured out
from the Bright Hall which is then always prevalent in the body's Center.

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