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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 066a1

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 5-6 Scroll 60

Xi Y Hu Lng Tōng Shn Mng
Downward through the Throat leads to the gods.

[Page 66]

Hu Lng Yŏu Sh r Sh Tng Zhǎng Jiē Ch Y Jǐ Shǐ Shŏu Hu Lng Zhēn
Rn Zh Q Zhōng Zhŭ Tōng Q Shng Xi

The Throat (Hou Long) has the traditional twelve two-hour period
Village Constables (Ting Zhang),
each one holding a two-pointed Jade Halberd which they use to defend the Throat.
A Perfected One resides amongst them as Monarch (Zhu),
controlling the 'Activating Vital Energy' (Tong Qi) from top to bottom.

Gu Hu Gi Xi Qīng Qiĕ Ling
It is an error to pass by the Canopy, for beneath,
it is clear and cool.

Mi Wi Hu Gi Shn Zh Q Zhōng
The Eyebrows are the Canopy,
covering over the gods who reside in their midst.

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