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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 070a2

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 10 Scroll 60

Xn H Qī Qio Q B Xing
By following the rules for defence using the Seven Aperatures in the human head,
one can distance themselves from things of Evil Omen (Bu Xiang).

Min Yŏu Qī Qio Jiē X Kāi Tōng Ĕr M Cōng Mng Yīn Shēng
Kŏng Zhāng Xi Q B Shēng Xǐ Q Z Zh

The Face has Seven Aperatures (Qi Qiao) that cooperate with each
other entirely to remove obstacles that hinder one's way.
The Ears and Eyes are keen and sharp,
and the sound [is like] musical notes played on the holes.
It is evident that Evil Qi (Xie Qi) is not being produced,
Happy Qi (Xi Qi) comes to you from this.

R Yu Li B Zhāng Yīn Yng
The Sun and the Moon are positioned so that they may be deployed
in the magnification of Yin and Yang.

Wi Liǎng M Yĕ Zuō M Wi R Zhŭ F Zhŭ Yng
Yu M Wi Yu Zhŭ Mŭ Wi Yīn

This means the two Eyes.
The left eye is associated with the Sun.
It is the 'Monarchial Pappa' (Zhu Fu), it is the 'Yang Ruler' (Zhu Yang).
The right eye is associated with the Moon.
It is the 'Monarchial Missus' [Zhu Mu]. it is the 'Yin Ruler' (Zhu Yin).

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