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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 081a2

  Postnatal Qi Restoration Process Inscription Sequence Number 5

Yīn Q r Shēng
If there is Qi, then there is also Life.

Rn Jiē Yīn Yun Q Jiāo Jiē Yǐ Shēng Shēn Yĕ
Human existance is all due the 'Endowed-at-Birth Original Qi' (Prenatal Qi)
intersecting and connecting together in order to produce
the Life-Force (Sheng) of the body.

Xǐ N Lun Q
Joy and anger confuse the Qi.

Yn Rn Hu Xǐ Hu N Jiē Lun Zhng Q Yĕ
This is to say that sometimes people are pleased,
and sometimes they are angry.
All of this causes confusion to the 'Healthy Energy'
(Zheng Qi (the energy required for maintaining a healthy body)).

Qng Xng Jiāo Zhēng
It is [simply] 'Natural Disposition' (Qing Xing) for friends
to once in a while argue with each other.

Yn Rn J Yŏu Xǐ N Z Qng Xng Jiāo Zhēng Yĕ
This means that people all possess joy and anger.
Therefore, it is just Natural Feeling (Qing Xing)
that causes mutual disputes and contention.

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