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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 082a2

  Postnatal Qi Restoration Process Inscription Sequence Number 6

Sāng Shēn Chū F Q Sh Dn Xiān Jī Xīn Huō
So to avoid the mourning over one's lost of life,
start right away and be willing to submit the time needed [to overcome it].
However, if in the beginning one also stores up Heart Fire (Xin Huo),

Yǐ Tōng Shēn Shāo Zhī Shāo Q Z Yī F Zhī W B Y Zhĕ Guǎng
Chng Zǐ Yu Jī Huō Yǐ Shāo Wŭ D Wŭ D Zhĕ Wŭ Wi Yĕ Wŭ
D Jn Kĕ Yǐ Zhǎng Shēng Yǐ

then the whole body will be burning with fever in the end.
Therefore the rule is one needs to rely on taking medicine
or everything without exception becomes distressed.
But there are other numerous results from the accomplishments of the Son (Zi).
The saying, 'Store Up Fire' (Ji Huo), means to use Internal Heat
to fry the 'Five Poisonous Creatures' (Wu Du- Snake, Toad,
Lizard, Scorpion, and Centipede),
along with their 'Five Basic Tastes' (Wu Wei- Pungent, Sweet,
Sour, Bitter-Astringent, and Salty).
If the 'Five Poisonous Creatures' become finished up
then there certainly may be Longevity!

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