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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 082b2

  Postnatal Qi Restoration Process Inscription Sequence Number 6-7

Q Hun Z Png
Self-Anxieties (Qi Huan) [require] Self-Calm (Zi Ping).

Png R B Hun Sh Yĕ Shng Yn Yǐ Zhng Q Qiǎn Xi Q
Z R Tāng W Xŭe Yǐ Huō Xiāo Bīng Z Rn

'Leveling' (Ping) is being without Anxiety (Huan) in [real] time.
What the above says is that the use of the Proper Beneficial Qi of the Body
dispactches Evil Qi.
Therefore, this is 'like melting snow with hot water' (something easily done)
because making use of Fire (Huo) to melt Ice (Bing) is natural and easy

Png F R G Yǐ
and will make things subside and return to being as one was before!

Gān Kūn Dng Jng
Heaven and Earth are Clear and Calm (Deng Jing).

Cǐ Yǐ Xi Shuō F Q Fǎ C X Yĕ Gān Tiān Yĕ Kūn D Yĕ
This is Ceasing Downward (Yi Xia),
and is explained as willingly submitting to the Laws (Fa) and their Sequence (Ci Xu).
Heaven (Qian) is the Masculine Sign, and the Sky (Tian) is overhead.
Earth (Kun) is the Feminine Sign, and the Earth is on the Ground (Di).

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Yn Wi Tiān D Dng Qīng W Fēng Yn W Yŭ Xŭe Sh Yĕ
These words are used for Heaven and Earth (Tian Di).
Sometimes there is clear and calm,
and sometimes there is mist and sleet.
These things come and go with the Seasons (Shi).

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