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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 083a2

  Postnatal Qi Restoration Process Inscription Sequence Number 7

B M Png Zu
Shutting the eyes, being calm and peaceful, one sits.

Cǐ Wi Tiān Do Dng Qīng Zǐ Hu Wŭ Qin Tŭ N Tio F Sh Yĕ
This is because the Way of Heaven (Tian Dao) is Clarified (Deng Qing) [most] from Zi
which is the First Earthly Branch (11pm-1am) afterwards until Wu,
which is the Seventh Earthly Branch (11am-1pm).
Breathing Slowly In and Out (Tu Na) after taking the Decoction (Fu)
[appropriate] to the Time and Season (Shi).

Z Xū B M Xing Wng Fāng Png Zu Tio F Sh Png Chng Zhī Fǎ Yĕ
Therefore it is necessary to first shut the eyes,
then face in the direction of Wang Fang-ping (also known as Wang Yuan),
sitting after taking a Decoction (Fu).
It is correct that this is the usual method to be used.

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