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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 085a1

  Postnatal Qi Restoration Process Inscription Sequence Number 9

[Page 85]

Zhng Rn Zhī Xī Yǐ Hu Zhēn Rn Zhī Xī Yǐ Zhŏng Zhŏng Yu Gēn Yĕ
Everyone's breathing has to come through the Throat (Hou).
But a Perfected One's Breathing (Xi) comes from the Heels (Zhong).
For one Heel (Zhong) Follows (Zhong) after the other Heel.

Yu Tāi Xī Jīng Yn Fn Rn Hū Xī Yŭ Zhēn Rn Hū Xī Yŏu Shū Fn-Rn
Likewise, the 'Fetal Breathing Classic' (Tai Xi Jing) says:
An Ordinary Mortal's (Fan Ren) breathing and a Perfected One's Exhaling (Hu)
and Inhaling (Xi) have certain oustanding differences.
[Nevertheless, they] and ordinary mortals

Xī Q Chū R Y Yān Hu Zhēn Rn Xī Rn Xī Q Y Q Hǎi
breathe Air (Qi) that comes in and goes out [only] through the Throat.
So both a Perfected One (Zhen Ren) and a Normal Human (Xi Ren) can breathe their Qi
so that it goes into the 'Upper Sea' (the 'Sea of Qi' in the Thoracic Cavity).

Sh Q Zhī Gēn Bĕn Zhī Chŭ Y n Wi Chū Yn Zhŏng Z Wi
Zhŏng Zhŏng Wi Jiǎo Gēn Yĕ

It is correct that the Qi uses a fundamental base to dwell and operate from.
After one presses down it goes out.
To say 'it follows close to the Foot', is because the Heels follow close behind,
because the Heels are the Feet's Roots (Jiao Gen).

Cǐ Yn Zhŏng Zhŏng Wi Q Gēn Yĕ Gēn Zhī Yn
This says that the Heels are the Qi Root (Qi Gen) and the Heel is

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