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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 089a1

  Postnatal Qi Restoration Process Inscription Sequence Number 13

Lng Shēng Gŭ Rn
Causing sound that is the Sound of Waves is correct.

Yān Q Xi Sh Yŏu Shēng Gŭ Gŭ Rn R Shi L Kan Wn Zhī Fēn Mng
Swallowing the Qi down brings the sound of gurgling.
It is correct if it seems just like water trickling into a pit or over a bank,
by the sound it is making so distinctly.

Yī Yān Sān Yān
One swallow [then to] three swallows.

Cǐ Yn Yān Q Sh Yī Yān Zh Sān Yān Z Yī B Q Sān Lin Yān
Sh Yĕ

This means that when swallowing the Qi after a time it can be increased
from a single swallow until it reaches three swallows.
So one breath retention along with three successively linked swallows is correct.

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